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    • Some Possible Sources for Yeats's 'Sailing to Byzantium': A Reconsideration 

      Daalder, Joost (The Yeats Eliot Review, University of Arkansas, 1987)
      This article aims to refute Archibald A. Hill, who argued that neither Keats's 'Ode to a Nightingale' nor Andersen's story 'The Nightingale' need be accepted as source material for Yeats's poem. The author argues that both ...
    • Yeats and Auden: Some Verbal Parallels 

      Daalder, Joost (Oxford University Press, 1973)
      As has been previously observed, Auden verbally resembles Yeats on more than one occasion, and Yeats sometimes resembles Auden. But, as far as Daalder is aware, several genuine or possible parallels are yet to be discussed. ...