Dennis Altman on Superstition and Idolatry Greg Dening reviews Edward Duyker's Citizen Labillardiere
Kim Mahood reviews Irris Makler's Our Woman in Kabul
Tony Blackshield reviews Philip Ayres' Owen Dixon
John Rickard reviews Iain McCalman's The Seven Ordeals of Count Cagliostro
Amanda Smith reviews Nova by Nova Peris with Ian Heads

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  • A Wake-up Call. "Sex, Power and the Clergy" by Muriel Porter. [review] 

    Dunn, Kristie (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This insider’s account of the sexual abuse crisis facing the Christian churches is an engaging read - not only for believers, but for us heathens as well. The author wears various hats. A journalist and regular commentator ...
  • Bestsellers / Subscription 

    Unknown author (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This item contains the May 2003 Bestsellers and Subscription information from this issue.
  • Feeling Unsafe. [review] 

    Cox, Sarah Mayor (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This article is a review of various young adult fiction, including: Melina Marchetta, "Saving Francesca"; Celeste Walters, "The Glass Mountain"; Sofie Laguna, "Surviving Aunt Marsha"; Jackie French, "The Black House"; and ...
  • Going Exploring. [review] 

    Robson Kett, Margaret (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This article is a review of various young adult non-fiction, including: Mary Malbunka, "When I was Little, Like You"; Jesse Martin with Jon Carnegie, "Dream On: The Journey of Kijana – Making it Happen"; John Nicholson, ...
  • A Quintet of Bestiaries. [review] 

    Robinson, Moira (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This article is a review of various children’s picture books, including: Connah Brecon, "Sherlock Bones"; Gary Crew and Mark Wilson, "I Saw Nothing: The Extinction of the Thylacine", Libby Gleeson, illus. Ann James, "Shutting ...
  • Winter Reading. [review] 

    Stewart, Lolla (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This article contains brief reviews of Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal, "A Guide to Australian Folklore: From Ned Kelly to Aeroplane Jelly"; Miles Franklin, "Childhood at Brindabella", Hanifa Deen, "Caravanserai: Journey ...
  • Out There. "Text Thing" and "Dear Deliria: New and Selected Poems" by Pam Brown. [review] 

    McCooey, David (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    It is a Pam Brown moment when, flicking through her "Dear Deliria", McCooey reads of 'historic butter sculptures' and hears at the same time David Bowie on the stereo singing 'yak-butter statues'. It's a Pam Brown moment ...
  • Dwelling on the Weather. "A Break in the Weather" by John Jenkins. [review] 

    Brennan, Michael (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    With "A Break in the Weather", John Jenkins offers us an example of a verse novel. At a mere ninety-six pages, this verse novella manages to compress a great deal of information into its 252 octaves. Towards the novella's ...
  • Stitched Up. "Born of the Sea" by Victor Kelleher. [review] 

    Trigg, Stephanie (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    Victor Kelleher’s "Born of the Sea" is both a sequel to, and a correction of, its parent text, Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein". The back cover blurb (set, incidentally, in a font reminiscent of the Warner Brothers' "Harry ...
  • The Wilder Shores. "James Gleeson: Drawings for Paintings" by Hendrik Kolenberg and Anne Ryan. [review] 

    Thomas, Daniel (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    Surrealism has a strong interest for a mass audience, and the deepest penetration into popular culture. When it was new, surrealism was quickly appropriated into commercial and advertising art. Today, commercial cinema is ...
  • An Arabesque Yes. "ode ode" by Michael Farrell. [review] 

    Edwards, Chris (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    It's easy to see why Michael Farrell already has something of a reputation as a stylist, though this is his first collection. Inventive, sharp-witted, entertaining and meticulously made, the poems in "ode ode" offer a ...
  • Loading the Dice. "Due Preparations for the Plague" by Janette Turner Hospital. [review] 

    Niall, Brenda (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    A novel by Janette Turner Hospital is an event. Although her new book comes with a disclaimer, suggesting that it should be read as a thriller, there will be high expectations. Even with its cumbersome title, for which the ...
  • Unexpected Finds. "Heat 4: Burnt Ground" and "Meanjin Reads Their Lips". [review] 

    Walker, Nicola (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This article is a review of recent issues of "Heat" and "Meanjin", with a summary of highlights, articles, reviews and creative works.
  • The Modern Order. "Full Fathom Five" by Kate Humphrey and "The Rose Leopard" by Richard Yaxley. [review] 

    de Wever, Johanna (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    Richard Yaxley examines the nature of relationships, family and grief in his first novel, "The Rose Leopard". Father, writer, self-confessed 'groin-driven' lover, Vincent is the dreamer; Kaz his muse and the preserver of ...
  • National News. 

    Potter, Michelle (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    The Australia Dancing portal is a rich and innovative service providing substantial online information that indicates that there is more to dance than that disappearing moment. The new Australia Dancing portal was launched ...
  • It takes Two. "About Face: Asian Accounts of Australia" by Alison Broinowski. [review] 

    Bulbeck, Chilla (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This is an ambitious and provocative book. While Bulbeck suspects that there has been a certain levelling of the Asian images of Australia to achieve coherence in the argument, this detracts only in a small way from a book ...
  • The Future of an Illusion: Superstition and Idolatry. [essay] 

    Altman, Dennis (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This essay explores the role of institutionalised religion in modern society, and particularly its role in justifying political or social action. It concludes that, given the dangerous conflicts in the world today, ...
  • Fear of Difference. "Unpacking Queer Politics" by Sheila Jeffreys. [review] 

    Reynolds, Robert (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    The book is a continuation of Jeffreys’s project to unmask and address the oppressive institutions and practices of a heteropatriachal world. Hers is a polemical voice, and one that gets considerable attention. Jeffreys’s ...
  • Degrees of Latitude. "Colonialism and Homosexuality" by Robert Aldrich. [review] 

    Britain, Ian (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    Aldrich’s book concentrates only on all-male homosexual experiences of the Imperial world, though it extends its geographical boundaries as far south as Australia, notably Sydney: 'Sodom of the South Seas', as it used to ...
  • Lactating Moms. "Fresh Milk: The Secret Life of Breasts" by Fiona Giles. [review] 

    Spark, Ceridwen (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    Giles’s book is concerned with what might be described as a cleavage in knowledge. Throughout, the author argues that breasts tend either to be sacralised - and therefore desexualised - or drooled over salaciously. Never ...

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