Academics in the Discipline of Legal Studies at Flinders University teach and research the social, historical and philosophical contexts of contemporary law reform, socio-legal phenomena and public policies and practices.

Legal Studies research interests include:

Comparative legal services policy; Comparative Legal Culture; Comparative Family Law; Multiculturalism and the Law; Group litigation mechanisms; Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property Protection; Law and Art; Sumptuary Law; Crime Victims; Workplace Regulation; Sex and Gender; Regulating Technology; Law and the Family; Juvenile Justice; Youth and the Law; Child Protection; Restorative Justice; Court Diversions; Social Welfare


<a href="">Discipline of Legal Studies</a> </p> You can visit the <a href=""target="_blank"> Alternative Law Journal </a> and the <a href=""target="_blank"> Law in Context </a> journal websites for more articles focussing on socio-legal issues.

Sub-communities within this community

  • Cheryl Simpson

    Cheryl Simpson is a lecturer and researcher in Legal Studies at Flinders University
  • Jenny Burley

    Dr. Jenny Burley is a Research Associate in Humanities at Flinders University

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