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    • Guidance framework for testing of genetically modified mosquitoes 

      Benedict, Mark; Bonsall, Mike; James, Anthony A; James, Stephanie; Lavery, Jim; Mumford, John; Quemada, Hector; Rose, Robert; Thompson, Paul; Toure, Yeya; Yan, Guiyun; Alphey, Luke; Alphey, Nina; Bale, Jeff; Braig, Henke; De Barro, Paul; Dobson, Stephen; Githeko, Andrew; Godfray, Charles; Gould, Fred; Juliano, Steven; Knols, Bart; Lengeler, Christian; Marrelli, Mauro; Marshall, John; McNaughton, Darlene; O'Neill, Scott L; Rao, Malla; Ramsey-Willoquet, Janine; Sait, Steven; Scott, Thomas W; Taylor, Charles; White, Steven; Zheng, Bin; World Health Organization (World Health Organization, 2014-06)
      Commissioned by TDR and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), this framework was drafted by four different working groups (efficacy; safety; ethical, legal and social; and regulation), each of which ...