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    • Ideas whose time has come: from cosmology to cancer 

      Davies, Paul; Adelaide Festival Corporation (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10)
      Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, Freemasons Main Hall, 6:30 pm, Thursday 17th October, 2013. Chaired by Robert Phiddian and Phillip Adams. From dark energy to the Higgs boson, from cancer folklore to synthetic biology: ...
    • Looking to the stars: in search of our place in the universe 

      Davies, Paul; Bland, Phil; Williams, Sean; Dryza, Kristina; Pederick, Ben; Adelaide Festival Corporation (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10)
      A fascination with time and space has been part of the human story since we first looked up. A select group from across the program explores this obsession with the night sky and asks what this says about our imaginations ...