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Writers in Conversation will be published twice each year, in February and August, beginning in February 2014.


From Volume 4, no. 1, February 2017 Writers in Conversation will be published in Open Journal Systems and this website will no longer be updated.

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  • An Interview with Jean-François Vernay 

    Christopher Ringrose; Vernay, Jean-Francois (2016-07-26)
    The second edition of Jean-François Vernay’s book A Brief Take on the Australian Novel (Adelaide: Wakefield Press) was released in 2016. This incisive history of Australian fiction is remarkable for a relatively young ...
  • Literary Prizes and Contemporary Women’s Writing: An Investigation through Interviews 

    Turner, Nick (2016-07-26)
    In 2011, I conducted research on the Orange Prize for Fiction. Now called the Baileys Prize, it was first awarded in 1996, the first literary prize run and judged solely by women and open only to women writers. It was in ...
  • In Deep Waters with Kerryn Goldsworthy, Freelance Writer and Critic 

    Dooley, Gillian Mary; Goldsworthy, Kerryn (2016-07-26)
    Kerryn Goldsworthy has been a freelance writer and critic based in Adelaide since 1998. She is a regular book reviewer for the Fairfax press, Australian Book Review (ABR), and the Sydney Review of Books. She was the editor ...
  • ‘Time and Space do not care what I believe’: Robert Masterson, American Poet and Author in Conversation with Ajit Kumar 

    Ajit Kumar; Robert Masterson (2016-07-26)
    Professor Robert Masterson lives and works in the megalopolis of New York City, but spent his formative years in the American West, growing up and going to school in Colorado and New Mexico. First published at age 19, ...
  • John Thieme on Text and Context in Postcolonial/Colonial Writings 

    John Thieme; Sharma, Sunil (2016-07-26)
    Professor John Thieme is a Senior Fellow at the University of East Anglia, UK. He has held Chairs at the University of Hull and London South Bank University and has also taught at the Universities of Guyana, North London ...
  • An Interview with Andreas Albrecht 

    Andreas Albrecht; Heide Fruth-Sachs (2016-07-26)
    Andreas Albrecht was born in 1951 in Cottbus, and he grew up in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR), East Germany. He has written radio dramas, novels, short stories and poetry. In 1997 he was the recipient of the ...
  • Sébastien Doubinsky in Conversation with Isabelle Petiot 

    Isabelle Petiot; Sébastien Petiot (2016-01-21)
    Sébastien Doubinsky is a bilingual French writer and academic, born in Paris in 1963. He has been widely published in French and in English. In France, Quién es? and La Trilogie Babylonienne were published by Joelle Losfeld. ...
  • ‘Love Where You Live!’ A Conversation with Diana McCaulay 

    Diana McCaulay; McDougall, Russell; Thomas, Sue (2016-01-21)
    Diana McCaulay is an award-winning Jamaican novelist and short-story writer. Her first novel, Dog-Heart (Peepal Tree Press, 2010) won a Gold Medal in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's National Creative Writing ...
  • Bilingualism; Creation and Migration; Homes and Nostalgia: Art and Life with Joanna Kurowska: A Polish-American perspective. 

    Joanna Kurowska; Sharma, Sunil (2016-01-21)
    Joanna Kurowska is the author of seven critically acclaimed volumes of poetry, Stained Glass (coming March 2016); Intricacies (coming November 2015); The Butterfly's Choice (Broadstone Books, 2015); Inclusions (Cervena ...
  • Tabish Khair in Conversation with Ajay K Chaubey 

    Chaubey, Ajay K; Khair, Tabish (2016-01-21)
    Born in Ranchi and educated up to his MA in Gaya, Tabish Khair, PhD (Copenhagen), DPhil (Aarhus), is a Professor of English in Denmark and the author of a number of acclaimed books. Winner of the All India Poetry Prize, ...
  • Serendipity: A Conversation with Adrian Mitchell 

    Adrian Mitchell; Dooley, Gillian Mary (2016-01-21)
    South Australians might still like to claim Adrian Mitchell as one of their own, despite the fact that he now lives in Sydney. An associate professor of English and now Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney, he ...
  • Interviewing the Interviewer: A Conversation with Charlotte Wood 

    Charlotte Wood; Dooley, Gillian Mary (2015-07-23)
    Charlotte Wood is an Australian writer and editor, the author of four novels, most recently Animal People, which won the People's Choice medal in the 2013 NSW Premier's Literary Awards, with a fifth, The Natural Way of ...
  • In Conversation with Vijay Kumar Roy 

    Harle, Rob; Vijay Roy, Kumar (2015-07-23)
    Vijay Kumar Roy (b. 1978) has been recently honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, and Poet of the Month in the February 2015 issue of Poets International. He is editor-in-chief ...
  • An interview with Nike Sulway 

    Lisa Dowdall; Nike Sulway (2015-07-23)
    Nike Sulway’s latest book, Rupetta (2013), won the James Tiptree, Jr Award for a work of science fiction or fantasy that explores or expands our understanding of gender/sexuality. Rupetta begins four hundred years ago in ...
  • Vineetha Mokkil: An Interview 

    Naomi Jose; Vineetha Mokkil (2015-07-23)
    Vineetha Mokkil’s fiction is a perpetual search, raising provocative questions and gently urging readers to ponder over the answers. It reflects her deep interest in history and politics as well as her acute and often ...
  • ‘Drama is most certainly not a flourishing genre in Canadian Literature’: Allison McWood interfacing. 

    Allison McWood; R.P. Singh (2015-07-23)
    Allison McWood is a full-time, multi award-winning playwright, screenwriter and librettist from Ontario, Canada, who takes a particular interest in farce and satire. Allison holds an honours degree in English Literature ...
  • An interview with Ketaki Datta 

    Elisabetta Marino; Ketaki Datta (2015-07-23)
    Ketaki Datta is an Associate Professor of English at Bidhannagar College, Kolkata; a novelist, a critic and a translator. She wrote her PhD thesis on Tennessee Williams, which she published in 2011 under the title The Black ...
  • An interview with Paul Binding 

    Turner, Nick; Paul Binding (2015-07-23)
    Paul Binding is a British writer who has worked in many fields: he is a literary critic, novelist, reviewer and renowned expert in Scandinavian literature. His novels are Harmonica’s Bridegroom (1984, recently reprinted ...
  • On poetics, astrology and chiromancy with Irish poet and art therapist Gene Barry 

    Gene Barry; Sharma, Sunil (2015-07-23)
    Gene Barry refuses to be pigeon-holed, labelled or restricted. A person with impressive academic and literary attainments, the restive Irishman from Cork continues to leave footprints across nations – by his public readings ...
  • Write from the Heart: An Interview with Brian Wrixon, a Poet from Canada 

    Ajit Kumar; Brian Wrixon (2015-01-16)
    Brian Wrixon, a poet, was born in 1946 in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Laurentian University in Canada with a degree in Classical Studies, and is a former faculty member, online curriculum design consultant and program ...

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