Dr Nick Prescott is a lecturer of English in the Department of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. He is also a member of the Adelaide Writers Week Board, and broadcasts weekly film reviews for the ABC.

Nick's research interests include:

  • Postmodern Literature
  • Contemporary American Fiction
  • Allusion and Intertextuality
  • Thomas Pynchon
  • Don DeLillo
  • Philip K. Dick and Paranoia
  • Contemporary Cinema and Intertextuality
  • Fiction as Socio-political Commentary and Critique
  • Nick's extensive supervisory interests include:

  • Postmodern Literature and Theory
  • 20th Century American Fiction
  • Crime and Detective Fiction
  • Genre Fiction
  • Science Fiction, in particular the works of Philip K. Dick
  • Literature and Film Adaptation
  • Literature and Intertextuality
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    Recent Submissions

    • "Colour me Kubrick" directed by Brian Cook [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-06-08)
      For both film aficionados and the public at large, Stanley Kubrick has long been a figure of fascination. Interest in Kubrick as an artistic figure has continued in leaps and bounds since the great director’s untimely death ...
    • "Talk to Me" directed by Kasi Lemmons [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-02-21)
      A fitting film to review on radio, this: Talk to Me tells the quite fascinating story of Ralph Waldo “Petey” Green, an African-American ex-convict who, in the mid-late 1960s, became a sensation, a radio personality the ...
    • "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End" [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007-05-24)
      Sadly, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End proves that the “third time lucky” adage doesn’t hold true when Hollywood producers are trying to make lightning strike the same spot once again. Lightning certainly struck ...
    • ''La Vie en Rose'' directed by Olivier Dahan [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007-07-13)
      Given that it’s Harry Potter time again (the fifth film in the series has rolled out this week) it’s also that part of the cinematic year during which any number of smaller, quieter, even – dare one say it – potentially ...
    • "True Blood" directed by Alan Ball et al. [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2009-05-28)
      The obsession with Vampires continues here, in the shape of this enormously popular HBO production, which has just hit our shelves on DVD. With the Twilight phenomenon by no means over, and with the second and third films ...
    • "Jumper" directed by Doug Liman [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-02-14)
      Jumper continues the worrying Hollywood trend of spending 150 million dollars on a movie and forgetting to buy a decent script. This wannabe-blockbuster, this sci-fi mishmash, wants to thrill us and awe us with its ...
    • "The Dark Knight" directed by Christopher Nolan [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-12-04)
      It’s a testament to both the immense critical and commercial success of The Dark Knight and the extraordinary legacy of the late Heath Ledger that this DVD release will almost surely be the home video blockbuster of the ...
    • "World Trade Center" directed by Oliver Stone [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-10-05)
      Oliver Stone’s most recent film before this one was the wannabe-epic and Colin Farrell vehicle Alexander. That film, which played worldwide to choruses of raucous laughter, has gone down in recent history as one of the ...
    • "Miss Potter" directed by Chris Noonan [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-01-25)
      To answer the most pressing question first: no, this isn’t a film about Harry Potter’s sister. Miss Potter, the charming new film by Chris Noonan (best known on our shores as the director of the original Babe) is a biopic ...
    • "Get Smart" directed by Peter Segal [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-06-26)
      Like many people who mis-spent their youth watching too much television, I can remember a golden age of American TV comedy: it was characterised, for me, by the mid-1960s series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, Get ...
    • "Dexter. Season 1" directed by Michael Cuesta et.al. [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-02-21)
      Dexter may well answer the question “How disturbing can a television series possibly get?” in the most intriguing and intelligent way. Based on a well-received (and wryly funny) novel by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter centres around ...
    • "Jindabyne" directed by Ray Lawrence [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-07-20)
      Jindabyne is the much-anticipated third feature film by Australian director Ray Lawrence, the man responsible for the best Aussie film of the last ten years, Lantana. Despite his impeccable industry credentials, Lawrence ...
    • "44 Inch Chest" directed by Malcolm Venille [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010-11-12)
      I can’t quite believe that it was almost ten years ago that I was raving to everyone I knew about an independent film from England called Sexy Beast. The great Ray Winstone (who began his career on TV in Robin of Sherwood, ...
    • "Iron Man 2" directed by Jon Favreau [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010-04-29)
      Iron Man smashed the box-office apart in 2008, and in the process reminded us all just how good Robert Downey Jr. is in pretty much anything he does, and also showed how an erstwhile actor (indy favourite Jon Favreau) could ...
    • "Ashes to Ashes" directed by Johnny Campbell, Bille Eltringham [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2009-10-22)
      Several years ago, audiences in both the UK and Australia were introduced to the wondrous BBC drama Life on Mars. Taking its name from a David Bowie song, Life on Mars followed the intriguing exploits of a 2006 Manchester ...
    • "Candy" directed by Neil Armfield [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-05-26)
      It’s my pleasure to announce that Australian cinema audiences can once again rejoice in the arrival of a sterling new Australian film. Candy, based on Luke Davies’ well-received 1997 novel, is the first big-screen feature-film ...
    • "The Good German" directed by Steven Soderbergh [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007-03-15)
      Director Steven Soderbergh’s homage to wartime European cinema and to American film noir is a fascinating, challenging studio picture. As much a loving series of references to the great studio productions of the 1940s ...
    • "Notes on a Scandal" directed by Richard Eyre [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007-02-08)
      Notes on a Scandal, adapted from Zoe Heller’s novel by the talented Patrick Marber (who wrote the bleakly brilliant Closer, which played a couple of years ago) is a dark and haunting fable about obsession and cruelty within ...
    • "16 Blocks" directed by Richard Donner [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2006-08-03)
      To say that audiences haven’t heard much of Bruce Willis lately isn’t quite accurate; the actor has voiced a number of animated characters recently, even if he hasn’t appeared in the visual sense terribly often. As a man ...
    • "Mamma Mia!" directed by Phyllida lloyd [review] 

      Prescott, Nick (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-07-10)
      To set things “straight” (if one can even use that word without one’s tongue in one’s cheek when reviewing a movie such as this…) I haven’t seen the stage show upon which this film is based, and I don’t count myself as a ...

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