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    • E-learning for self-management support: introducing blended learning for graduate students – a cohort study 

      Munro, Virginia; Morello, Andrea; Oster, Candice; Redmond, Christine; Vnuk, Anna Kristina; Lennon, Sheila; Lawn, Sharon Joy (BMC, 2018-09-24)
      Background E-learning allows delivery of education in many diverse settings and researchers have demonstrated it can be as effective as learning conducted in traditional face-to-face settings. However, ...
    • e-Learning to Aid International Student Transition: A Case Study. 

      Schmidt, Lisa; Gannaway, Deanne Lynne (2007)
      The number of International Students at Australian Universities has grown substantially and this has been beneficial to University communities. However, this presents some challenges due to the diverse backgrounds of ...
    • E-Learning στη Νότια Αυστραλία. Η χρήση των νέων τεχνολογιών στη διδασκαλία της Νέας Ελληνικής σε σχολεία της Νότιας Αυστραλίας 

      Litinas, Antonios (Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2009)
      Please note: this article is in Greek. E-Learning of Modern Greek in South Australian schools: This paper attempts to look into the usage of new technologies in teaching Modern Greek in five South Australian Schools, four ...
    • The e-Library of Greek Byzantine Manuscripts. Application in the Sources Chrétiennes Collection 

      Myridis, Nikolaos (Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2011)
      Although the Byzantine Empire fell, it continues to exist thanks to its ability of selfprojecting onto its cultural heritage, especially onto texts written during its period. Text Collections are excellent projects for ...
    • e-Research Meets e-Health 

      Maeder, Anthony (Australian Computer Society, 2008)
      This paper considers some key aspects of e-Research methodology and infrastructure which are relevant to e-Health, and identifies some promising areas in e-Health where these aspects could be used beneficially .
    • E.T.S.A. Natural Gas Arrangements 

      Unknown author (2014-09-11)
    • Early cave art and ancient DNA record the origin of European bison 

      Soubrier, Julien; Gower, Graham; Chen, Kefei; Richards, Stephen M; Llamas, Bastien; Mitchell, Kieren J; Ho, Simon Y W; Kosintsev, Pavel; Lee, Michael S Y; Baryshnikov, Gennady; Bollongino, Ruth; Bover, Pere; Burger, Joachim; Chivall, David; Cregut-Bonnoure, Evelyne; Decker, JaredE; Doronichev, Vladimir B; Douka, Katerina; Fordham, Damien A; Fontana, Federica; Fritz, Carole; Glimmerveen, Jan; Golovanova, Liubov V; Groves, Colin; Guerreschi, Antonio; Haak, Wolfgang; Higham, Tom; Hofman-Kaminska, Emilia; Immel, Alexander; Julien, Marie-Anne; Krause, Johannes; Krotova, Oleksandra; Langbein, Frauke; Larson, Greger; Rohrlach, Adam; Scheu, Amelie; Schnabel, Robert D; Taylor, Jeremy F; Tokarska, Małgorzata; Tosello, Gilles; van der Plicht, Johannes; van Loenen, Ayla; Vigne, Jean-Denis; Wooley, Oliver; Orlando, Ludovic; Kowalczyk, Rafał; Shapiro, Beth; Cooper, Alan (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-10-18)
      The two living species of bison (European and American) are among the few terrestrial megafauna to have survived the late Pleistocene extinctions. Despite the extensive bovid fossil record in Eurasia, the evolutionary ...
    • Early Childhood Development (ECD) services in the Southern Adelaide Health Service region. 

      Lawless, Angela Patricia; Hurley, Catherine Jane; Biedrzycki, Katherine Rebecca (South Australian Community Health Research Unit, 2007)
      This report documents the findings of a review conducted by the South Australian Community Health Research Unit (SACHRU) at the request of the Southern Adelaide Health Service (SAHS) into the provision of Early Childhood ...
    • Early childhood educators’ understanding of early communication: Application to their work with young children 

      Brebner, Christine Mary; Jovanovic, Jessie; Lawless, Angela Patricia; Young, Jessica (Sage Journals, 2016-02-08)
      Young children need rich learning experiences to maximize their potential. Early childhood educators (ECEs) working in childcare have knowledge of individual children as well as skills and professional knowledge that afford ...
    • An early childhood perspective 

      Krieg, Susan (Australian College of Educators, 2014)
    • Early Closing (Renmark) Act 1924, No. 1643 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1924)
      An Act to further amend the Early Closing Acts, 1911 to 1924. ; W. rep., 1744/1926, s. 2
    • Early Closing Act "Amendment Act, 1953, No. 49 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1953)
    • Early Closing Act 1900 No. 749 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1900)
      An Act in Aid of Early Closing. ; N.p., 778/1901 ; 795/1902 ; P.r., 1062/1911, s. 9 ; S. 5, rep., 778/1901, s. 6 ; S. 6, r.s., 823/1903, s. 3 ; S. 7 (2), r.s., 778/1901, s. 3 ; S. 13, r.s., 778/1901, s. ...
    • The Early Closing Act 1911 No. 1062 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1911)
      An Act to consolidate and amend the Law as to the Closing Time of Shops. ; N.p., 1104/1912 ; 1572/1923, s. 27-33 ; 1643/1924 ; 1687/1925, s. 5, 10 and 18-23 S. 4, am., 1104/1912, s. 3 and 4 am., 1572/1923, s. 3 am., ...
    • Early Closing Act 1926 No. 1744 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1926)
      An Act to consolidate certain Acts relating to the Closing Times of Shops. ; S. 4, am., 2079/1932, s. 2; S. 8 (3), am., 2246;/1935, s. 4; S. 10 (3A), ad., 2079/1932, s. 3; Heading and s. 25A-25G, ad., 2079/1932; s. 4; ...
    • The Early Closing Act Amendment Act 1912 No. 1104 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1912)
      An Act to amend "The Early Closing Act, 1911, " and for other purposes. ; S. 3, am., 1572/1923, s. 3 S. 3 (3), n.p., 1687/1925, s. 11 S. 6, am., 1687/1925, s. 6 S. 7, am., 1572/1923, s. 5 (b) S. 12, am., 1572/1923, ...
    • Early Closing Act Amendment Act 1923, No. 1572 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1923)
      An Act to amend the Early Closing Acts, 1911 and 1912, and for other purposes. ; S. 4, am., 1687/1925, s. 4 S. 8, am., 1687/1925, s. 7 S. 14, am., 1616/1924, s. 5 am., 1687/1925, s. 13 W. rep., 1744/1926, s. 2
    • Early Closing Act Amendment Act 1924, No. 1616 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1924)
      An Act to amend the Early Closing Acts, 1911 to 1923. ; W. rep., 1744/1926, s. 2
    • Early Closing Act Amendment Act 1925 No. 1687 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1925)
      An Act to amend the Early Closing Acts, 1911 to 1924, and for other purposes. ; W. rep., 1744/1926, s. 2
    • Early Closing Act Amendment Act 1931, No. 2024 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1931)
      An Act to amend the Early Closing Act, 1926.