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    • Gain/variability tradeoffs in undiscounted Markov Decision Processes 

      Filar, Jerzy A; Lee, Huey-Miin (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 1985)
      We consider a finite state/action Markov Decision Process over the infinite time horizon, and with the limiting average reward criterion. However, we are interested not only in maximizing the above reward criterion but ...
    • Gaining insight from patient journey data using process-oriented analysis approach 

      Perimal-Lewis, Lua; Qin, Shaowen; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Hakendorf, Paul Haylett (Australian Computer Society, 2012)
      Hospitals are continually struggling to cater for the increasing demand for inpatient services. This is due to increased population, aging, and the rising incidence of chronic diseases associated with modern life. The high ...
    • A Galician Summer 

      White, Eva Roa (2011-04-30)
    • Galileo: Hero or Heretic? 

      Gingerich, Owen; Davies, Paul; Adelaide Festival Corporation (Radio Adelaide, 2001)
      Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, Elder Hall, 3:15pm, Sunday 15 July, 2001. Chaired by Paul Davies.
    • Gallery Notes 

      Eagle, Mary (Australian Book Review, 2004-03)
      This is a summary of the exhibition "John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque" at the Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria.
    • Gallery Notes. 

      Fraser, Morag (Australian Book Review, 2003-03)
      Christopher Menz, who has now curated and written the catalogues for two splendid Morris exhibitions for the Art Gallery of South Australia, concerns himself more with Morris's designs than his poetry. But the characteristic ...
    • Gallery Notes. 

      Wallace-Crabbe, Chris (Australian Book Review, 2003-08)
      Art is a strange posing of discoveries, a display of what was no more than possible. For it is the task of the creative artist to come up with ideas which are ours, but which we haven't thought yet. In some cases, it is ...
    • Galston's Liberal Pluralism 

      Crowder, George Errol (TAYLOR & FRANCIS, 2004)
    • Gambier Islands Group Marine Park Impact Statement 

      Econsearch; Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre; Kirkman, Hugh; Bryars, Simon; Brook, James (EconSearch Pty Ltd, 2012)
      Located within the Eyre Bioregion, the Gambier Islands Group Marine Park is located in the waters of the mouth of Spencer Gulf. The Gambier Islands Conservation Park, including North Island, South West Rock and Peaked ...
    • Gambling in a remote Aboriginal setting - the good, the bad and the ugly 

      Bertossa, Sue Ursula; Miller, Peter; Chong, Alwin; Harvey, Peter William (Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, 2010)
      In 2009 the Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service, an Indigenous-specific service, and Statewide Gambling Therapy Service joined together to investigate the impact that gambling was having on the Aboriginal people ...
    • GAMBLINGLESS: FOR LIFE study protocol: a pragmatic randomised trial of an online cognitive–behavioural programme for disordered gambling 

      Merkouris, Stephanie S; Rodda, Simone N; Austin, David; Harvey, Peter William; Battersby, Malcolm Wayne; Cunningham, John A; Lavis, Tiffany; Smith, David; Dowling, Nicki A (BMJ Publishing Group, 2017-02-23)
    • Game 37 and 38 Vic., 1874, No. 21 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1874)
      An Act to prevent the Destruction of certain Birds and Animals. N.p., 337/1885 W. rep., 378/1886, s. 1
    • Game 48 and 49 Vic., 1885, No. 337 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1885)
      An Act to amend the "Game Act, 1874." ; W. rep., 378/1886, s. 1
    • Game 54 and 55 Vic., 1891, No. 527 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1891)
      An Act to provide for a Close Season for Kangaroos, and for other purposes. ; W. rep., 1106/1912, s. 2
    • Game Act 1886 No. 378 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1886)
      An Act to repeal the "Game Act, 1874," and Act No. 337 of 1885, and to make other provisions in lieu thereof. ; N.p., 527/1891 ; P.r., 745/1900, s. 1 ; S. 5, am., 527/1891, s. 5 ; S. 6, am., 527/1891, ...
    • Games played on Australian university alliance websites as they collaborate and compete 

      Luzeckyj, Ann (Australian Association for Research in Education, 2010)
      As competition for funding, staff and students increases and the game becomes more complex, universities across the sector are required to identify new and more elaborate ways of competing. The development of university ...
    • Gaming 1902, No. 812 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1902)
      An Act to amend the Gaming Law. W. rep., 1285/1917, s. 3
    • The Gaming Further Suppression Act 1907 No. 943 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1907)
      -4n Act to make further provision for the Suppression of Gaming, and for other purposcs W. rep., 1285/1917, s. 3
    • Gaming Machines (Freeze on Gaming Machines) Amendment Act, 2000, No. 85 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 2000)