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    • J.M. Coetzee [commentary] 

      Caterson, Simon (Australian Book Review, 2003-11)
      According to Mario Vargas Llosa, literary awards ‘are extraordinarily arbitrary, sometimes stubbornly evading those who most deserve them while besieging and overwhelming those who merit them least’. Many of the world’s ...
    • ‘A jail, a jail’ in Dekker’s "2 Honest Whore”, 

      Daalder, Joost (Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand, 1996)
      The text of Thomas Dekker's '2 Honest Whore' contains a number of errors which one would expect in a quarto of this kind - in essence publishing errors. This brief paper discusses one such error, crediting Alexander Dyce ...
    • Jalan Ibadat (Al-Firdaus Mosque) 

      Noor, Noorhaqmal Mohamed; Bakri, Annaliza (translator) (2017-10-27)
      Poem 'Jalan Ibadat (Al-Firdaus Mosque)' translated from Malay by Annaliza Bakri
    • Jamaica Osorio’s Indigenous Poetics as a Challenge to Global Hybridity 

      Scanlan, Emma
      Speaking at a TEDx event in Manoa, Oʻahu in 2013 kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian) poet Jamaica Osorio declaimed “Global warming will break the foundation of the community/ without even shaking the penthouse suits/ whilst the ...
    • James Brown Memorial Trust Incorporation Act, 1990, No.26 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1990)
    • James Brown Trust Incorporation 57 and 58 Vic., 1894, Pte. 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1894)
      An Act to incorporate the James Brown Memorial Trust, and for other purposes.
    • “James Matthews” Excavation Summer 1974-75 

      Henderson, Graeme (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      The aim of the 1974-75 excavation was to expose the hull for recording and to raise the cargo items and ship's equipment exposed during the process.
    • The James Umpherston Trusts Act 1926 

      South Australia. Parliament (Government Printer, 1926)
      An Act to alter, vary, and amend Trusts contained in the Last Will and Testament of James Umpherston, deceased, and in a Declaration of Trust and Assignment created by the surviving Trustee of the said Will in accordance ...
    • "The Jane Austen Book Club" directed by Robin Swicord [review] 

      Prescott, Nicholas Adrian (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008-01)
      It’s been thirteen years since the public obsession with the works of Jane Austen was revived by the wonderful BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Ms Austen’s work has been well and truly put through the wringer since ...
    • Jane Austen's Music: programs from performances 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (2011-01-22)
      Programs from various performances of music from the Austen family music collections (including the presentation by Flinders University Library in the Adelaide Fringe 2008). For the 2011 program Sweets of May see separate record.
    • Jane Austen's Songs of the Sea [Concert program] 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (South Australian Maritime Museum, 2017-11-04)
      Among the music in Jane Austen’s personal music collection are many songs about sailors and the sea. Britain was at war for most of Austen’s lifetime and two of her brothers were naval officers. The program includes songs ...
    • Jane Austen: The French Connection 

      Dooley, Gillian (2020-10-17)
      Concert program for Jane Austen: The French Connection, held at the Barr Smith Library Reading Room on Sunday 17 October 2020. A concert of French music from Jane Austen's music collection and that of her family. Songs ...
    • Jane Montgomery Griffiths' Theatrical Poetics 

      Autumn Royal; Jane Montgomery Griffiths (2014-01-24)
      As scholar of the Classics and drama studies, Jane Montgomery Griffiths has devoted much of her artistic practice to interpreting the voices of women who have either been censored or misinterpreted throughout history. ...
    • Janeites for a New Millennium: The Modernisation of Jane Austen on Film 

      Steenkamp, Elzette (2009-04-15)
      The late twentieth century saw a surge in cinematic adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels, the films generating wide-spread interest and zeal from a new caste of modern-day Janeites, many of whom were previously unfamiliar ...
    • January Meetings of the Association 

      McBryde, Isabel (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04)
    • Japanese Conference 

      Evans, Steve (2014-05-02)
    • Jave-La-Grande is not Australia 

      Richardson, W A R (The Globe. The Australian Map Circle, 1992)
      The continent of Jave-la-Grande on the mid-16th century manuscript Dieppe maps has been the subject of much speculation for over two hundred years and has been claimed to provide evidence of an early Portuguese discovery ...
    • Jave-la-Grande: A Place Name Chart of its East Coast 

      Richardson, W A R (The Great Circle, Australian Association for Maritime History, 1984)
      The Harleian and other Dieppe maps made in France in the mid-16th century are manifestly based on Portuguese originals, yet no surviving Portuguese maps show any evidence of this mysterious landmass. Suggestions that the ...
    • The Jaws of the Trap. "Elizabeth Costello: Eight Lessons" by J.M. Coetzee. [review] 

      Goldsworthy, Kerryn (Australian Book Review, 2003-10)
      Something like a double helix of dialectical thinking winds its graceful way through these ‘eight lessons’. Ideas and theories about the nature of human (and other) life and how to live it, about the workings and the ...
    • Jayden’s Law and the history of miscarriage 

      Kevin, Catherine Elizabeth (2012)